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Martha Ann Welters

Pharmacist Martha Ann Welters is a 1978 graduate of the Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences (FAMU-COPPS).  Martha hails from a pharmacy family, as her father was also a pharmacist.  Being the daughter of a pharmacist, this second generation practitioner is well aware of the significance of the roles pharmacists play in the health care delivery system.  Her expertise was gleaned from a variety of professional institutional experiences, including work as a Consultant Pharmacist for New Horizons Community Health Center, and positions of staff pharmacist, to supervisor, to assistant director of pharmacy services over the past 30 years with the University of Miami Hospitals and Clinics in Miami.  During all those experiences, Martha oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Investigational Drugs Pharmacy, including protocol oversight, formulation development for intranasal amphotericin B for cancer patients, quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and inventory control.  She also handled staff scheduling and participated in student and intern training. 

Martha’s commitment to causes, especially those causes that support pharmacy programs designed to advance pharmacy education and practice, has been rock solid and well recognized by both NDPAC and the COPPS.  She is a liberal donor to the NDPAC, and one who signed on very early in the establishment of a $100,000 Alumni Endowment.  Martha was also one of the first to participate in the Diamondback’s second initiative to establish a major funding for support of College and Council’s goals.  Martha’s commitment and tenacity to her causes are thought to related not only to her beliefs about personal and professional responsibility, but to the need to give back for those who are yet to follow.  Her beliefs are thought to be very much in line with NDPAC’s and her other professional organizations’ missions.  Martha is also a member of the Links, Inc.

Martha Welters has been attending the NDPAC’s Annual Conventions since prior to the year 1996.  She and her mother Gwendolyn Welters have become fixtures, and can be counted on to arrive early, and to help make ensure that everything goes well for everyone else.  Martha has served as Chair of the Nominations Committee for the past six years, but takes assignments of many types, without pause, when requested by the leadership.  A true and reliable soldier, Martha Welters is a treasured resource for NDPAC.  

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